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Both MSI's Big Bang motherboards are real

by on06 November 2009


Lucid needs to tweak the driver

MSI's Big Bang series, Fuzion and Trinergy motherboards have drawn lot of press attention, and the fact that Fuzion got delayed was kind of disappointing, but according to our sources within MSI, both motherboards are real, and both will certainly be available. Trinergy is already listed and should be available before Christmas, while Fuzion comes in Q1 2010.

MSI's Fuzion got delayed and that it probably won't show up in retail/e-tail until sometime in Q1 2010, but details behind the delay are simply driver related issues, which Lucid has to fix for MSI. Lucid is working hard on optimizing the driver for Windows 7 which has to pass MSI's internal qualification before hitting retail market, as this one is practically out of MSI's hand as it solely depends on Lucid.

Now let's get back to Trinergy, which is a P55 based motherboard paired up with Nvidia's NF200 chip. The same motherboard was sort of shown back during Cebit in March, which you can clearly see over at here. If you take a closer look at the motherboard you can see that it is practically the Trinergy motherboard except for few details that were added a bit later, like the v-check points and different colour for all of the PCI slots, but the general layout is the same.

As far as availability goes, the Trinergy should turn up in retail by Christmas, as it has already been listed at quite a few shops. MSI claims that it should be in mass production by the end of November.

The bottom line is that both motherboards are real and we doubt that MSI will give up on the Fuzion for several reasons. After all, Nvidia is currently in no position to attack partners that sell both Nvidia, Intel and AMD products, and as Intel has a lot to do with Lucid, we doubt that Nvidia will try to go that way either.

And we certainly doubt that MSI would spend a nice amount of marketing money to promote a product that will simply disappear from the face of the earth. MSI might depend on Nvidia, but not that much.

You can check out the official statement from MSI below.

"The MSI Big Bang Fuzion (Hydra 200) hardware is ready. Currently Lucid is optimizing the driver for Windows 7 so that it works stable and in all configurations (Mix & Match). Because MSI is dedicated to bring high quality and stable product on the market we decided to postpone the Big Bang Fuzion (Hydra 200) pending the MSI internal qualification assurance test. The Big Bang Fuzion (Hydra 200) will be released when it’s driver is finished which is most likely Q1 2010.
All information regarding Big Bang series can be found here:”

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