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MSI's Big Bang Fuzion hits Newegg

by on22 January 2010


Lucid Hydra motherboard for US $369.99

MSI's Big Bang Fuzion motherboard with Lucid Hydra 200 chip has shown its face at and is currently selling for US $369.99.

The MSI Big Bang Fuzion is the second MSI motherboard in the Big Bang series, but unlike the previously released MSI Big Bang Trinergy featuring the P55/NF200 combination for some triple-SLI fun, this one includes Lucid's Hydra 200 chip that allows graphics card mixing, between brands, manufacturers and even models.

The new Big Bang Fuzion was already previewed and despite the fact that drivers need to be ironed out, it does sound like a decent alternative to SLI/Crossfire, and the fact that you can mix both Nvidia and ATI cards sounds like a great thing.

According to our info, the driver performance issues are being ironed out and further version of the Hydra Engine should be fine and offer even more than the previewed 89 percent gain peak in dual-GPU mode.

It has also been listed in Europe with a price tag ranging from €320,23 to around €390, and although it is still not available we are quite sure that it will show up pretty soon.

You can find it available over at


Last modified on 22 January 2010
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