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Albatron shows off next gen AMD Atom competitor

by on05 June 2009


Computex 09: Low Voltage dual core CPU

Our friends over at Albatron had a lot of interesting products at their booth this year, starting with a new modular, low-power AMD solution. But what makes this really interesting is that it features the next generation of low Voltage AMD dual core CPU set to best the Athlon Neo.

We're not quite sure about the specifications of the CPU at the moment in time, but it's not the Turion X2 which HP has just added to its dv2 notebook, as this dual core CPU is meant for small form factor desktop and embedded usage rather than in notebooks. Albatron was listing it as the ASB1 series processor, but this doesn't reveal much.

This tiny board is using the 780E chipset with the SB710 and it has support for dual channel DDR2 memory of up to 667MHz. The memory slots are located at the rear of the PCB and as the tiny motherboard was screwed onto the booth, we couldn't remove it for a picture on the other side. The board itself features four SATA ports and not much else, as it has to be plugged into an I/O board, much like the early ION demo systems from Nvidia. The I/O board can house a range of options such as HDMI and DVI output, but also a x8 PCI Express 2.0 slot, which could use a physical x16 for graphics upgrades.

From what we were told we can expect the new AMD platform to show up no later than August, although we're still hoping for a more consumer centric solution from some manufacturer out there.


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