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MSI 890FXA-GD70 will love six-core Thubans

by on05 March 2010


Cebit 2010: Bells, whistles, period

On this
year’s Cebit, MSI showed its motherboard based on the still upcoming 890FX chipset, and enthusiasts surely won’t want to pass this motherboard up.

To say that the board comes with all the bells and whistles is probably an understatement. The board, among other things features five x16 PCIe slots, a single PCIe x1 and a conventional PCI slot, as well as support for MSI’s DrMOS, OC Genie and APS. We can undestand four PCIe slots but five seems a bit too much even for a Quad Crossfire. Maybe AMD prepares penta Crossfire but this is highly unlikely or they want to plug four Nvidia cards and a physics card. If only the SLI would work on AMD's chipset.

Naturally, the board has USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps and is already touted as a great match for the upcoming Thuban six-core CPUs.




Last modified on 05 March 2010
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