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Levi's going mobile

by on22 June 2007

Denim phone coming in September

Nothing can surprise us when it comes to gadgets. Mobile phones have stopped being mere communication devices years ago, and more and more fashion companies are getting in on the act. And why should they miss a chance to make a few extra bucks using their over-hyped brands?

Ancient denim maker Levi's is trying to further capitalize their brand by pushing a stylish mobile phone. Some may say it doesn't look very stylish, but what do I know about fashion, tastes differ and that's it.

The Levi's phone was designed by Modelabs, it's a riveted steel design, seems pretty slim but it looks rather rugged, like their jeans a few decades back. Metallic silver, black and brown copper versions will be available, as well as feminine "shiny silver" and "shiny sand" editions, featuring a 'mirror' screen.


Oh, yes, something for denim traditionalists: it will also have a detachable chain. Fashion minded drunks will probably appreciate this state of the art feature.

Specs aren't too important when it comes to fashion gadgets, but the new phone should pack enough features to satisfy the needs of most consumers while keeping the price acceptable. The only specs available at the moment are: 2 Megapixel camera, 1.8" screen, Bluetooth, MP3 and MicroSD slot.

Knowing Levi's you can probably expect a reasonable price tag. The phone is coming out sometime in September.

Check it out at Modelabs, here.

Last modified on 22 June 2007
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