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Google buys a phone startup

by on03 July 2007


GrandCentral Communications its latest acquisition


While the rest of us are spending money on our upcoming holidays, flip flops, sun tan lotion and fishing rods, Google is not bothering, it's out buying the smaller fish.

GrandCentral Communications is a startup which allows you to use a single phone number and relay the calls to a bunch of other lines, which of course can be very useful when abroad. So Google decided to acquire this telephone startup.

"You get a single phone number that forwards to all of your phones, giving you one number for life," says Vincent Paquet, GrandCentral Communications co-founder.

Google product manager Wesley Chan claims: "This way, your phone number is tied to you, and not your location or job."

What they didn't say is how much the deal would end up costing Google.

The GrandCentral site says a  limited number of invitations for GrandCentral unified numbers will be available for users who sign up at

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