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Toshiba to launch new ARM 3D engine

by on17 July 2007

100 million polygons/s

Toshiba announced a new 3D graphics logic for mobile phones today and the name rolls off your tounge like tar of a shovel, as it's called the TC35711XBG. A really catchy name we think.

Name apart, the TC35711XBG can do no less than a 100 million polygons per second and 800 mega pixels per second, so this is a pretty fast chip. It's so fast in fact that Toshiba claims it's 38 times faster than Toshiba's previous chip.

The chip has a programable shader and it also features Toshiba's Media Embedded Processor that handles sound, has a built in host processors and a WVGA LCD controller, which Toshiba claims is everything you need for widescreen gaming on the go.

The TC35711XBG will cost 8,000 Yen or about €48 a pop when samples becomes available in October. Mass productions is slated for Q2 next year. It seems unlikley that we'll see these chips in any mobile phones any time soon, at least not outside of Japan at these prices. 

You can find the official press release here 

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