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Vint Cerf resigns from ICANN

by on29 October 2007


Says his sentence is up

founder Vint Cerf has resigned as Chairman of ICANNN, the Internet's technical foundation. Cerf, 64, who's also a Senior Executive at Internet search leader, Google, was elected Chairman of ICANNN in 2000.

When he joined the Board, many questioned whether ICANN would survive, but while many think it is slow most want to reform it, rather than kill it. In stepping down, Cerf declared that his "sentence is up" with the organization and that he is happy about the way things have gone.

ICANN's staff and budget have grown, permitting faster responses. Its roughly 100 staff members are paid out of a $41.6 million budget for fiscal 2008, compared with about a dozen employees during Fiscal 2001, when ICANN budgeted $3.78 million for operating expenses.

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