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Apple falls on lower than expected iPhone sales

by on25 July 2007


AT&T claims 146 thousand on first weekend

got 146 thousand new subscribers during the first weekend of iPhone sales. The number is impressive, but it's far lower than the first estimates which ranged from 500 to 700 thousand. Since AT&T is the exclusive iPhone distributor, these numbers should paint a very accurate image of iPhone sales.

Investor's weren't pleased either, and Apple shares dropped around 4 per cent yesterday. It's nothing unusual to see inaccurate estimates, but it looks like the analysts really did a lousy job on this one. They're only human, and as such they are not immune to FUD and hype. 

All things considered, even this is a good result, since Apple and AT&T managed to sell 146 thousand phones at $2000 a piece in just a weekend.

Last modified on 25 July 2007
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