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Nvidia wants more of handheld market

by on26 July 2007


100 million is far from enough

Nvidia publically said that it wants to grow its handheld and navigational device business. Nvidia created about $100 million of its revenue from this market and obviously it wants much more of that.

Nvidia can grow in the cell phone market and wants to create opportunities as well. As Nvidia's CEO said, you have to target your customers very carefully, but at the end the company hopes to get a lot of this market.

Nvidia plans to make top to bottom offers from high end phones to low end phones, so that any potential customer can make more than a single design win with Nvidia’s chip.

The first handheld / mobile chip from Nvidia comes this year and all the current Goforce mobile processors came from a company that Nvidia swallowed earlier.

Nvidia will primarily design its handheld processors for Windows Mobile, but some of the design wins will work well on Symbian. This is going to be a tough one for Nvidia, as Texas Instruments, Qualcomm and even ATI are tough player in this market.

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