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Sansa View 16GB player has Nvidia inside

by on11 September 2007


Goforce 6100 plays H.264

A bird has whispered to our ear that Sansa View 8GB and 16GB players is the first big design win for Nvidia's Goforce 6100 chip. We wrote about the player here.

This is why this player can play even H.264 at 30 FPS and Nvidia wants to become big on this market.

Sansa is the early adopter of this chip as the mobile guys will start using this in later 2007 and more realistically in 2008. This chip supports 10 Mpixel camera and TV tuner and some other nice features that SanDisk wont use.

Nvidia Nvidia will be in two from tree significant MP3 / Video players as Nvidia's chips are in Apple 's iPods. To be more prices the chips in iPods are from the company called Portal player and Nvidia acquired this company in November last year.

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