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IDF turns into iPhone unlocking party

by on21 September 2007


When in Rome...

Our friend Theo is reporting that the IDF press room is bursting with unlocked iPhones on their way to Euroland.

Apparently someone among the crowd of gadget loving journalists had circulated an iPhone unlocking guide. Needles to say, Euro hacks seized the opportunity, went out, got a bunch of iPhones and went about unlocking them, DIY-style.

Apple seems to be opening its European early bird hunting season in November, rip off included, since the iPhone will cost $150 more on this side of the Atlatic. Indeed, why wait till then get one ?

You can read the Inq story here. On another note, that Red Dot winning laptop looks awfully familiar. Someone was a bit faster though, and that lucky guy is doubling his money by flogging unlocked iPhones in Sarajevo for €450 a piece, here. We can confirm that the iPhone can be unlocked and with some effort you will make the youtube work. Watch this space. 

Last modified on 22 September 2007
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