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iPhone knows the Bosnian wilds

by on24 September 2007


Preview:  Steve, I am impressed

We managed to get one of the iPhones at least a month before the official European launch and we can confirm a few things. First of all the device is fun and it's better than I could ever expect. The virtual keyboard works really well and with some workarounds European cards and settings edge can work on this phone.


Youtube is fun, but only if you have unlimited data or wireless LAN and safari browser really fits great to this device. The camera makes really good pictures but you cannot do video, at least not now. The new 1.11 firmware will fix quite a few things, but even now we can see that this is must have ultimate geek gadget.


Google maps and iPhone maps even know where Bosnia is, and this is quite an achievement. iPhone is a device that will really make Nokia and Sony Ericsson to work much harder to keep up in this ultra high end league.


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