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iPhone 2 hacked before release

by on17 March 2008


Give up, Steve Jobs

Apple's attempts to lock in iPhone users with its new iPhone 2.0 have already been defeated. The iPhone Dev Team has worked out how to hack into the iPhone's bootloader.

The hack takes advantage of the way the iPhone authorizes code that can be written to memory. This means that it will be possible to allow any applications that haven't been authorized by Apple to run on the iPhone.

According to, the hacking community believes this jailbreaking method, which will also let you unlock your iPhone, can't be fixed by Apple in a production version of the 2.0 software. Many are wondering why Apple is trying to keep up its control freak, one-carrier, one-country only applications blessed by Steve Jobs's policy.

It seems to be wasting a lot of time and resources, while hackers just undo its work days afterward.

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Last modified on 17 March 2008
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