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Kyocera announces new line of mobile phones

by on02 April 2008


Three new CDMA phones


This week, Kyocera announced three new CDMA phones, and their new GSM phone lineup.


The models in question are Neo E1100 (with QVGA display and 1.3 megapixel camera); Mako S4000 (dual color display’s and VGA quality camera); and Adreno S2400 (dual color display’s and voice dialing).

All three models are tri-band, flip-phones and come with Bluetooth. Full specs are not yet available, but we’re hoping to see them on the official page soon. GSM phones are primarily aimed at the South American market, while the CDMA phones are aimed at the U.S. market.

Kyocera also announced that the Sanyo mobile business takeover and assimilation is finalized.

Last modified on 02 April 2008
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