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Palm Centro goes contract-free in the U.S.

by on24 June 2008


Only available in white

Palm has decided to release the Centro, its entry-level smartphone, as a contract-free device after only having been available with a network tie-in earlier. Although you still need a service plan to make the most out of it, at least you won't be stuck with the typical two-year contract that you previously had to sign.

The contract-free Centro will only be available in white in the U.S., which is strange, as it's only selling as a black device in Europe and is generally not available with a service plan package. On contract it's available in different colors, depending on which network you sign up with.

The specifications of the Centro are quite basic, as it has a 320x320 display, quad band GSM with GPRS support, Bluetooth 1.2, a 1.3Megapixel camera, 64MB of memory which can be expanded via a microSD card slot, and finally, it's running Palm OS.

But for the going price of US$299, it looks like quite a bargain in comparison to what Palm charges in Europe for the same device, which is €299 (US$464/£236) or £199 (US$392/£252), depending on where you live. For once, mainland Europe gets the really raw deal, but either which way you'd be better off buying one in the US as long as you can live with a white instead of black device if you're considering getting one.

You can find the product page here.
Last modified on 24 June 2008
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