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White 3G iPhones cracking like eggs?

by on30 July 2008


CrackBerry, make way for CrackPhone

Apple iPhone
owners around the world seem to be experiencing some quite ugly issues with their new white toys.

Apparently, the white 3G iPhone is highly susceptible to developing cracks for no apparent reason. These hairline fractures in the pearl white body are a cosmetic issue, but Apple itself is more of a cosmetics company than an IT establishment, so this might turn out to be a major issue.

It seems that the black version is not affected, but due to the minuscule size of the cracks it's quite possible that they're just harder to spot against a black background. As for the white ones, things seem to be getting quite ugly, as more and more owners are joining forum discussions to moan about the scars on their phones.

The odd thing is that these cracks seem to be appearing all over the place, and not on certain parts of the plastic cover. Obviously, they're more likely to appear near the edges, but judging from the pictures posted at, they're likely to pop up anywhere.

In case you've got a 3G iPhone, black or white, it's probably a good idea to inspect it for cracks immediately. In case you find some, Apple will probably replace your unit with a new one, as it's unlikely you'll get a refurbished one this soon after launch. Don't forget to contact us, as well.

Apple is still playing mute and not commenting on the issue, which leads us to believe that it's not as widespread as some people would have us believe. It's also possible that the company is just sitting this one out without raising too much dust. Replacing the defective iPhones probably won't cost it as much as telling the world they've shipped flawed units. Considering the amount of flack Apple takes from IT hacks every time it cocks up, this doesn't sound like a farfetched scenario.

Trouble is, people who have dropped and cracked their 3G iPhones might try to hustle Jobs, get a new one for free and they stand a good chance of getting away with it.

(Disclaimer: and its subsidiaries do not endorse fraudulent conduct. Kids, don't try this at home.)

You can check out the macrumors forum thread here.
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