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Andriod phone might appear next month

by on14 August 2008


HTC has the goods for T-Mobile

According to TmoNews, T-Mobile in the U.S. is set to be the first network to sell Andriod-based devices and the company is set to have a special pre-sale event sometime next month during which the handset will be available for a special price of US$150 as long as you're a T-Mobile customer.

The rumour goes on to say that the HTC handset might end up going under the name of G1, although until now it has been known as the HTC Dream. Feature-wise, not much has been revealed so far, but it looks like it will end up with a slide-out keyboard, a 127x76 mm wide touch screen, 3G connectivity and most likely a whole range of other goodies.

If you're not a current T-Mobile customer, then it appears that you'll have to wait until sometime in October before you can get your hands on the new handset and this might be a way for T-Mobile to gauge the demand, or possibly to step the launch so that they don't run out of handsets.

The G1 is expected to cost US$399 with a new contract. There's no word if this handset will make its way outside of the US at the moment, but we'd expect it to turn up in other parts of the world, as if nothing else, Google has managed to hype their new mobile OS quite a bit and there's a lot of interest in the promised functionality that looks set to rival even the mighty iPhone.

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