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HTC Touch Pro goes on sale

by on13 August 2008


In the U.K.

If you've been holding off getting the HTC Diamond due to the lack of a keyboard, then you'll be glad to know that the Touch Pro has gone on sale in the U.K. and we would expect other markets to follow shortly.

Online store Devicewire has stock of the handset and are selling them without a network tie-in for a whopping £514.99 inc VAT (€655/$977), which is quite steep and a massive £98 more than the Diamond. The company takes international orders, but expect to pay a very high shipping charge on top of the already steep price for the device.

Beyond the keyboard, the Touch Pro has 288MB of RAM, up from the 192MB of the Diamond, and it also has twice the onboard ROM at 512MB. However, it lacks the 4GB of built-in flash memory, but has been given a beefier 1,340mAh battery compared to the fairly weak 900mAh battery of the Diamond.

The Touch Pro has also gained 6.7mm in thickness and an extra 55g in weight over the Diamond, although most of this would be keyboard related, some of it stems from the new battery. The good news is that the extra bulk gives you a standby time of up to 503h and a talk time of up to 397 minutes, which is a major upside compared to the Diamond which only manages 396h of standby and 270 minutes of talk time.

Apart from that, most other features on offer remain the same, but we'd hold off to order one until you can get it with a nice network subsidy.

If you feel the urge to order one now, then you can do it here

Last modified on 14 August 2008
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