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Apple sued over dodgy iPhone network

by on21 August 2008


Too slow

has just been sued in the U.S. for telling punters that its 3G iPhone can actually go faster than a well greased leopard on its way to a wildebeest wine convention.

Jessica Alena Smith is suing Apple for breach of express and implied warranty and unjust enrichment. She said that the defective iPhone's advertising campaign was misleading, claiming that it could go 'twice as fast at half the price.'  In fact, it dropped its connections so often that could be an English rugby player.

Users have moaned that the iPhone 3G will switch between 3G networks and EDGE networks even when the device is sitting still and that they will lose reception in the middle of a call. Smith said that immediately after she bought her fruit-themed toy, her Internet connection, receipt and sending of e-mail, text messages and other data transfers were slower than expected and advertised.

She is trying to make the case a class action and wants Apple to repair or replace all defective devices and pay unspecified damages, interest, and attorneys' fees. 
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