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World?s first Wireless SD card for cameras released

by on01 November 2007


Transfer your photos without a cable

Eye-Fi is a company that wants to help its customers more easily share their digital photographs, has announced its Eye-Fi Card, the world’s first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. Instead of having to download digital photos from a memory card by installing cables, card readers or software, the Eye-Fi Card relies on the customer’s home Wi-Fi network to send the digital photos directly from the customer’s digital camera to users’ computers and Internet photo Web sites.

When a digital camera user wants to upload their photos, all they need to do is turn on their camera:  the photos are automatically wirelessly uploaded and are ready to access from their computer. The Eye-Fi Card works with existing and new SD-compatible digital cameras and stores up to 2GB of photos like a conventional SD memory card.

“Digital cameras have made it extremely easy to take pictures, but the rest of the process is a hassle,” said Jef Holove, Chief Executive Officer and President of Eye-Fi. “The Eye-Fi Card removes the barriers and lets users get to the fun part of sharing and printing their memories. We’re putting the magic back into photography.”

Setting up Eye-Fi is a snap. Eye-Fi customers select the online locations where they want to send/share their photographs. Then they type in their computer’s name and network location and the file name for saving the photos. Once the set-up is completed, that’s it.  The information does not have to be re-entered each time unless a new location is added or the default settings are changed.

Eye-Fi is also intuitive:  it handles full-resolution JPEG pictures and intelligently resizes the images as needed by the online destination. With 2GB of storage (approximately 1,000 images) on the SD memory card and priced at US$99.99, the Eye-Fi Card is available from major online e-tailers, including,, and Wal-Mart.

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