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Bold again delayed by AT&T

by on08 September 2008


Storm enters technical acceptance testing

AT&T users in the U.S. are still in a holding pattern as to getting their hands on a BlackBerry Bold, while other carriers outside the U.S. have already started selling the BlackBerry Bold.

The latest word that we have indicates that AT&T has again pushed back the launch of the BlackBerry Bold. According to our moles the latest dates have AT&T dealers able to start placing orders for the Bold during the week of September 24th, with delivery of the first Bold units coming around October 2nd. It is believed AT&T was trying to clear out some BlackBerry inventory prior to release as part of the reason.

In other BlackBerry news, the upcoming release of the BlackBerry Storm continues to move forward and be on track for delivery in November. To this end, word has reached us that the Storm has entered technical acceptance testing at Verizon to work out its final kinks prior to release.

Another one of our moles in the shadows tells us that Verizon will be taking it to AT&T with an increased advertising budget for the Storm to help it attract attention against AT&T’s iPhone. It seems that Verizon will be trying to do everything possible to steer Verizon users considering a switch to the iPhone to give the Storm a look prior to considering an iPhone. It is no secret that Verizon has lost a number of customers to the iPhone mania, and they are looking for the Storm to help curb some of this loss.

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