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CDMA iPhone not happening

by on02 October 2008


AT&T has locked in an exclusive until 2010

We continue to hear from several of our sources that Verizon continues to be in pursuit of a CDMA iPhone to sell, but reports indicate that it is not happening. AT&T has locked in an exclusive in the U.S. for the iPhone from Apple until 2010 with the latest contract extension that the company signed. The deal is exclusive for the U.S. and no CDMA version is coming for Verizon.

Verizon, however, has not been left out of the touch screen phone race, as they will begin offering the BlackBerry Storm from RIM which is also a touch screen device that continues to be compared to the iPhone. Verizon has an exclusive on the Storm in the U.S. market space which has been viewed as somewhat strange due to the fact that in the past RIM and AT&T have partnered on BlackBerry device releases.

While we continue to hear reports that Apple has developed a CDMA version of the iPhone, we just don’t think that it will see the light of day, as AT&T has been so successful with the iPhone in the U.S. they would be downright stupid to give up the exclusivity that they enjoy on the iPhone, considering the amount of sales that it has been able to drive by offering the iPhone.
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