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FlyCast coming to the BlackBerry

by on22 October 2008


Free satellite radio, on your smartphone

FlyCast is available only on the iPhone and iPod touch currently, but has announced that it is coming for the RIM BlackBerry Bold, Storm and Curve mobile phones on November 1st. It will be coming for other new smartphones, as well, in the future. 

FlyCast delivers radio, video and podcasts, as well as weather and traffic updates to portable devices. Introducing its mobile content network in early 2008 as FlyTunes, FlyCast changed its name last month to “better reflect the full spectrum of media available on its mobile broadcast network.” FlyCast now offers over 1,000 channels, well over its initial 80 channels, and continues to add more channels each week.

FlyCast claims that it is a free alternative to satellite radio. Unlike satellite radio, FlyCast works with smartphone technology and does not require special receiver hardware; it uses the cellphone technology that users carry with them.

FlyCast streams more than 1,000 online radio stations from around the world, which are divided into various genres, including reggae, classical, hip-hop, rock, country, R&B, etc. Many of the stations offer commercial-free and DJ-free broadcasts. What more could you ask for?

BlackBerry users can download the FlyCast application for free starting on November 1st by visiting the FlyCast Website. FlyCast is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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