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Bold to arrive November 4th on AT&T

by on23 October 2008


After many delays

As we told you recently, it seems that AT&T as been dragging its feet on the release of the BlackBerry Bold, and while we had told you that our sources were claiming an October 27th launch date, it would appear that it will launch on November 4th instead.

According to AT&T, due to problems with the iPhone roll out, they were being extra careful with the technical acceptance testing phase prior to launch. No matter if you believe that or not, we still have heard that it took some time to get the battery life and several other tweaks to AT&T’s liking prior to the launch being a go.

From what we have been hearing, AT&T had a launch party for the BlackBerry Bold in San Francisco; and invited guests from AT&T who were lucky enough to be able to attend the event actually walked away with a BlackBerry Bold. Previous launch parties from other carriers have featured vouchers that were given to attendees, not people actually walking out the door with a BlackBerry Bold.

As of the writing of this story AT&T still has not put the BlackBerry Bold on their Web site as available for pre-order. We expect it to go for $299 with a two year contract when it launches on November 4th.

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