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Nokia E75 makes an appearance

by on25 November 2008



Another full QWERTY phone from Nokia

Although we've seen a sneak peek of the Nokia E75 before, the pictures that have turned up now look like they're of an almost finished product, so we wouldn't expect it to take too long for Nokia to make an official announcement.

This is Nokia's first QWERTY slider and we have a feeling that a lot of business users are looking forward to this handset, as the E75 offers a decent sized keyboard for those that do a lot of emailing on the move. But it doesn't stop there, as the handset is also meant to come with HSDPA and WiFi, which makes this an even better business tool.

The fact that it's the size of a normal Nokia phone makes it even more interesting and with the addition of a 3.2Megapixel camera, a 2.4-inch display and most likely Bluetooth and just about every other feature you can expect to find on a S60 Nokia device, the E75 could become a very successful device for Nokia.

The design looks very similar to other Nokia devices and those used to Nokia will find the transition to the E75 a breeze. We'd still like to see more touch screen devices from Nokia, but this does at least make text entry a whole lot easier, although some might still prefer the E71.

You can find the pictures here and for once, they're not blurry.
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