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T-Mobile Germany ships Curve 8900

by on27 November 2008


Javelin as expected is a smaller version of Bold

For those BlackBerry fans living in Germany, a surprise of the holiday season came a bit early this year with T-Mobile in Germany shipping the new BlackBerry Javelin, which is now known as the Curve 8900.

The Curve 8900 is a super sleek version of the traditional Curve with the styling of the BlackBerry Bold. While T-Mobile in Germany is the first to be shipping the Curve 8900, it has received approval from the FCC for sale in the U.S. However, the problem is that we really don’t know yet who in the U.S. will be getting the Curve 8900 first or when it might appear. We do suspect that it is likely that T-Mobile will get it first, but AT&T should be offering it, as well.

Early reviews of the Curve 8900 have had some negative comments about the new offering from BlackBerry, saying that shutter lag on the 3.2 megapixel camera makes it useless. It is also somewhat difficult to swap out the SDHC card from the 8900 even though battery does not have to be removed to do so. Also, complaints surround the ability to type on the 8900 when it is plugged into the charger.

On the positive side, the keyboard on the 8900 is an improved version of what is found on the older version of the Curve, but some reviewers are saying that they still prefer the keyboard on the Bold better. The new display has a resolution of 480x360 pixels and offers 40 more lines than the Bold, which is a nice touch. The new trackball on the 8900 is a bit tighter and seems to work a bit better.

In the end, the 8900 still may have a few things that are not exactly what the doctor ordered, but it still has a lot to offer according to the reviews that we have seen. The bottom line for us in North America is how soon it will arrive and how it will really compare to the existing Curve. We suspect that this answer will be coming soon. Stay tuned, as we will let you know when our RIM moles let us know which North American carriers are able to get the deal done for the 8900.
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