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Palm Pre gets slated by AT&T

by on23 April 2009


Claims iPhone 3G is better has scored a slide from an AT&T presentation that is slating the Palm Pre before it has even hit the market. AT&T has compared the Palm Pre to the iPhone 3G, as AT&T is the only network that offers the iPhone 3G in the US, while its competitor Verizon will be getting the Palm Pre.

Now we're not big fans on this kind of "marketing" but it seems like AT&T has skewed the results in favour for the iPhone 3G in more ways than one. AT&T is claiming that the iPhone 3G is "thinner, lighter" although the weight difference is a massive two grams. The Pre also gets bashed for being "limited" to 8GB of storage, having a plastic casing and the fact that it only comes in black (that's a real deal breaker Ed.).

The list goes on by saying that the Pre has an unproven app store, a limited 3D gaming experience (this is yet an unknown fact) and an unintuitive touch screen interface. Furthermore the Pre gets slated for supporting drag and drop for files, rather than using iTunes (this is a good feature in our opinion) and the maybe strangest one of them all, limited free WiFi access. AT&T makes a bold claim on the last one, as the company has some 17,000 hotspots in the US where you can use the iPhone 3G for free, but we doubt this will put off potential buyers.

However, we're with AT&T on one point, the lack of global roaming, as the US model of the Pre doesn't support GSM which is a real downside for business users and we can't quite figure out why Palm went down this route. On the other hand, this is hardly going to be an issue on the European (worldwide?) version of the Pre.

You can find the comparison here and make your own mind up, but we still think the Palm Pre has a lot of potential and it offers a lot of functionality that the iPhone 3G doesn't have, of which the sliding QWERTY keyboard is going to be one of the biggest selling points.
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