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Verizon Storm OS update fails testing

by on12 May 2009


The .141 version isn't quite right yet

We have been fielding a lot of questions asking what happened to the Verizon BlackBerry Storm update, or the .141 update for short. It seems that our sources were a bit overly optimistic that the .141 update would pass final acceptance testing, as from what our sources tell us, it didn’t.

From what our sources tell us, Verizon has reported the problems to RIM and another version to fix the problems with .141 is in development already. We expect that these fixes will be given to Verizon soon and the new revision will start another battery of testing.

We are hearing some whispers from our men in the labs that once this version of the 4.7 OS is a pass, it could, in fact, be the last 4.7 revision to the OS. It is more likely that RIM might start working on an OS 5 version update for the Storm. It has been thought for some time that when the Storm 2 launches it will arrive with a version 5 OS.

While we were not able to pry any specific details as to what the timeline might be for the OS update to arrive, we can tell you that based on customer feedback, Verizon would like to have this happen as soon as possible. This will help address some of the nagging issues with the Storm and make customers a bit happier with the device.
Last modified on 12 May 2009
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