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T-Mobile supports hacked iPhones

by on11 May 2009


Even if unblessed by Apple

has been handed the award for the telco most likely to miff Steve Jobs by fixing a problem which resulted in the iPhone not working properly on its network.

The iPhone is not supposed to work with T-Mobile's network as the Mighty Steve Jobs has ordered that they should only work on networks he says it should.  Since users don't like being told where they have to buy their services from, many of them have used jail breaking software and run the phone on what ever network they like. The Consumerist recently posted an article detailing a customer's experience after a recent T-Mobile "system update."

Apparently the problem caused some serious issues with the illegal iPhones and meant that users sent blank text messages or even shedloads of texts whenever a voice message was received.  This often cost the users cash. No-one really expects T-Mobile to respond, however the company quickly said that it was working on a fix, but it might take them six months.  In fact it only took them a few days and the result was posted on a Hackintosh forum.

Magazines like Arstechnica have been praising T-Mobile for its PR coup saying that the outfit had overperformed on is customer service. We suspect that Apple on the other hand have been seething.
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