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Nintendo has no hard drive plans for Wii

by on05 November 2007


Customers want it, but Nintendo will not provide it

Owners of the successful Nintendo Wii console continue to long for a hard drive to be able to save all of their downloads. Instead, Wii users are forced to continue to use memory cards to save all of their data. Wii owners will be surprised to know that Nintendo does not think that you need a hard drive and currently has no plans to produce one.

The Wii is unique in this regard, because both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 come standard with a hard drive in most configurations. The Wii, however, is restricted to the use of SD flash memory cards. The situation forces Wii owners to purchase multiple flash cards to house all of their purchased downloads.

While Nintendo is not ruling out the possibility of producing a hard drive for the Wii in the future, it would appear that it is not in the company’s immediate short-term plans. Still, many Wii owners continue to be quite vocal about the need for a hard drive and it does not look like this issue is going away anytime soon.

Last modified on 05 November 2007
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