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iPhone 4G/HD gets pixellized

by on19 April 2010


Updated: It's the real deal

Engadget managed to snag a couple pictures of the next-gen iPhone. The iPhone 4G or the iPhone HD, whatever you like to call it, looks quite good, and despite the fact that we are looking at a demo unit, there is still a lot to see.

In addition to the pictures, Engadget managed to get some additional info regarding the specifications of the device and according to their source, next-gen Apple iPhone will use a higher resolution screen, front-facing camera, higher res camera with flash and has a microSIM slot.

On a similar note, Engadget discovered that they had a picture of next-gen iPhone for quite some time, as is looks like that the device was laying next to the picture of the demo iPad that Engadget snagged two months ago.

You can check out the rest of the pictures here and here, and we are quite sure that more will definitely show up before we see the iPhone 4G/HD in Steve's hands during the world premier.


Gizmodo managed to score a more detailed pictures as well as some hands on with the device itself. Gizmodo is quite sure that the device is a real prototype as Apple was asking around for it and it appears that it was indeed lost somewhere in a bar in Redwood City.

Engadget already posted all the juicy details concerning "better", higher resolution screen, and details concerning the front camera and the better lens/flash on the main camera, while Gizmodo managed to confirm them, at least as far as this prototype is concerned. You can check out more here.



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