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Could Asus be developing a Tablet PC for Apple?

by on07 November 2007


Might be nothing more than a prototype for testing

No one
seems to be able to design a Tablet PC that has sustained much traction in the market beyond very specialized applications. It is not for the lack of trying, as Microsoft has been working with a variety of notebook vendors over the years to design a Tablet PC, or even a notebook Tablet hybrid, that users would embrace. So far, efforts have been pretty much a failure beyond some specialized applications that just work better with a Tablet environment. Beyond the obvious expense of Tablet technology, advancements have been slow to woo consumers into moving toward Tablet PC technology.

With the introduction of the iPhone for Apple, touch screen technology has perhaps given way to consumers’ desire for more sophisticated and interactive touch screen technology, which opens a possibility that consumers might finally be ready to embrace the Tablet PC. At least, that is the current theory at the moment with the hush hush whispers that continue to indicate that Apple is at least toying with the idea of developing an Apple Tablet PC in conjunction with Apple’s OEM partner, Asus.

From the rumors that we have been able to gather, it would appear that the Apple Tablet PC would not be based upon the Asus R1 platform, but instead on a totally new platform that would likely be based on the Intel Core LV technology. Our guess is that it would feature a specialized version or extension of Mac OS X with the multi-touch and CoverFlow technologies that have made the Apple iPhone so popular. Apple did file for some patents back in 2005 covering some Tablet PC technology, so it is not so far fetched that they could be working to develop something similar. Apple just might be able to mainstream this technology into something and have some success where others have failed, due to Apple’s attention to detail and engineering, which allows them to produce such elegant products that consumers feel they must own.

It is obvious that they could produce such a device and make it popular to own, but would be really fill a gap that consumers feel that they are missing in their technology world? We think right now Apple could just about make anything a success, as their track record is pretty good at giving consumers well thought out and sexy looking products with that just “gotta have it” latest technology.

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