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Mobile Tegra can end up thinner than iPod touch

by on02 June 2008


We mean it

One of Nvidia’s Tegra guys told us that Tegra mid platform doesn’t need to be that fat. It can get much thinner and one of the guys guarding its small prototype has told us that Tegra mid can end up being thinner than iPod touch.

This is kind of impressive, but the actual Tegra mid, based on APX 2500 platform, will launch with the design wins from Nvidias partners.

iPod touch is one of the coolest and thinnest things we’ve seen so far and therefore Nvidia can come up with some cool Tegra devices.

Tegra has a cool looking interface and it is something that can give the first iPhone a good run for its money, but beware, since there is a new one coming shortly.

Tegra, on the other hand, is a rusty name for a brand but at least it starts with a T, just like Tesla.



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