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Nintendo Wii affects your sex life

by on02 March 2007

At least for a few days

Once you get your Nintendo Wii console you can forget about sex at least for a few days. As soon as you try it you can easily get addicted to a great Nintendo Sport. Whatever you play, tennis, baseball or boxing you will end up doing that for several hours. I could not get myself from it for seven hours straight. The gaming process is so exhausting and if you are playing it against your opposite sex partner you can simply have to forget about sex. After hours of playing you will simply be too tired for it. The next day is even worst as your muscles will get sore and you will not be able to, even if you want to. After a few days you will get fit and life, including a sex one will go on. 

This doesn’t apply to a gym maniacs and athlete types but only to the rest of the mortals.

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