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Grand Theft Auto IV comes in October

by on04 March 2007


GTA is coming back 

After settling
down of so called "Hot Coffee" suits, Rockstar has announced a new sequel to the famous GTA series. Grand Theft Auto IV web page has been officially launched and trailer will go online on 29. of March.

The released date is set for October 16. for USA, and it could be expected few days later on Europe grounds.



The sequel of one of the most controversial games ever will be released for XBox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. GTA IV will use the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine also known as RAGE. Since all the GTA games from GTA III used its game engine for cinematic we hope that trailer will give a sneak-peak of the game in action. I am sure that Senator Clinton wont like this news that much.

You can check out the countdown timer to trailer on GTA IV official page here.

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