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Playstation 3 finally out

by on23 March 2007
Starts selling today in Euroland

The day has finally come for all of you Europe based Playstation 3 fans. The crippled version of European Playstation 3 went on sale some eleven hours ago.

We expect huge shortages as there will be too many consumers who will want to buy one. I expect that many of you already pre ordered your machine.

Playstation 3 games looks good and we saw a Formula 1 game that looks really great, but not anything better we say on XboX 360. We already reported at Sony wants to give a Blu-ray movie with first 500.000 copies of the console.

Email me here if you got one and send me your picture, and please try a Playstation 2 game for us and let us know how does it works.

Last modified on 23 March 2007
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