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Nintendo mod chip battle

by on28 March 2007


Is resistance futile?


Seams like another Pyrrhic victory for Nintendo, as its new consoles are being equipped with new redesigned motherboard that is going to be "cracked" in a matter of days.

The redesign had to be done to prevent installation of existing mod chips, but we all know that the agile makers of these chips will find a solution ASAP.  Maybe the most hilarious (and sad) thing is that new mod chips will be available when the redone console hits the streets.

Mod chips are small chips that are soldered to console's motherboard. They override the consoles anti piracy protection allowing gamers to play illegal copies of the games.

The ongoing battle between software pirates and console makers, where they try to outsmart each other is hurting Nintendo. Redesigning motherboard costs a lot of money, with minimal result.

If we look at the rest of the consoles, and even the PC market, we'll see that software "crackers" outsmarted even the best hardware and software protections.

Some more info here

This is how a mod chip looks like


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