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60 years old enjoys Wii

by on13 April 2007


The face that sells

Wii is definitely the most fun console on the market. It is not all in graphics and you learn this only when you get the Wii. I am the graphics guy, but still Wii won my heart over the XboX 360 or Playstation 3.

My sixty year old father could not get his hands of the console. Enver, my father, said the magical comment that might help to sell even more Wii's. After he had played some exhausting Wii sports, including Tennis and Boxing he said: "I could play this till I faint. "

I guess that this is the final answer and victory for Nintendo, as it won the heart of a population that doesn’t play games, at least not on their TV sets. They called them "casual gamers", and he is one of them.  

This is Mr. Abazovic Senior having fun.




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