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Fallout 3 future getting brighter

by on14 April 2007


Bethesda buys Fallout IP

Fallout 3, one of the most anticipated games in history, is finally back on track. Bethesda Softworks has purchased Fallout series intellectual properties from Interplay for 5,75 million US dollars.

The story of Fallout 3 has started in 1997. when Fallout 2 (developed by Black Isle) was published. As the years have passed by, promises were given, but it seemed that nobody really wanted to finance the project, until now. Fallout 3 now has a certain future, and will not end like Duke Nukem Forever.

Parallel to Fallout 3, which will come with a rich single player campaign, Interplay is continuing to develop Fallout MMO. At the time being, its budget is projected at about 75 million dollars, and we should be seeing some screenshots in 2009.

The agreement between these two companies is all about bringing these two games as soon as possible to the market, which is a big turn in Fallouts fate.

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