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New Lara Croft comes soon

by on25 April 2007


Arriving on June 5th

Another game is going back to its roots. After a ton of copy pasted Lara Croft Tomb Raider games, EIDOS decided to change the (dull) game concept and return to the original one. The game is almost finished, and it should be launched June 5th (this year). 

Based on the TR:Legend engine, the new TR game should offer best from the first and last game. This means that you will enjoy in beautiful scenery while using your brain to try to find a way out.

The first Lara game was a smashing hit and it sold in over seven million copies. The mind boggling puzzles, and constant action was the key to a success. EIDOS has abandoned the mind boggling part in all the other installments turning the Tomb Raider game into a rather dull platform game. A lot of games today are going back to their roots. For instance Test Drive: Unlimited, Settlers 10th anniversary edition, and Sam&Max (old school adventure in 3D).



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