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Nvidia makes noise, but no DX10 games

by on02 May 2007


TWIMTB DirectX 10 Late

Nvidia's most popular blogger and a VP or content develelopment manager can not get enough of Vista and DirectX10 talks.

All through April he talked about Crysis, Hellgate London, Company of Heroes DirectX 10 patch, DirectX version of 3Dmark, a new DirectX 10 game called
Cryostasis, PT boats and so on.

There will be a lot of promising DirectX 10 titles, but none of them are available today and it will probably take until late Q3 till we see any of the DirectX 10 titles.

Nvidia is stuck in its story that DirectX 10 is important but it still sells its DirectX 10 range of cards for DirectX 9 games. I guess Xmas 2007 is the time when you will finally be able to buy these games.

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