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PC world UK gets the Wii

by on02 May 2007


Until supply last for

One of the biggest retail computer stores in the UK, PC world finally got the Nintendo Wii in stock. This probably won't last long so hurry up if you still want one. With Wii sports and thee other games it will cost £289.00 including VAT.

This is incredibly expensive, but it is an ok price for the UK as things usually tend to be more expensive on the isles.

The average British, Scottish, Welsh and Irish consumer will have to pay an equivalent of
576.514 USD for the console with a few games. Well, you really don’t have much choice as I paid €300.00 (about £204.00 ) for mine, with an additional controller, Wii sports and Wii play in Austria. The good part is that it is the most fun gaming device of all time.


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