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$500 LED keyboards on the way?

by on08 November 2007


Cheaper than $1,564 model

Russian design firm, Art Lebedev, is making news again, but this time it is not with their US$1,564 Optimus Maximus Keyboard. Instead, it is with a teaser of an announcement that new keyboard configurations in the sub US$500 price range will be announced soon.

In the meantime it appears that Art Lebedev is also moving forward with the production of the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Art Lebedev has informed consumers that its entire first allotment of keyboards is completely sold out. Cryptic announcements from Art Lebedev also seem to indicate that the first run of Optimus Maximus keyboards will be somewhat functionality limited, but they are committed to releasing firmware updates to improve both the performance and functionality. This is not something that anyone who just spent US$1,564 for a specialized keyboard wants to hear after waiting such a long time for it.

Art Lebedev continues to show great promise with its technology and engineering, but just seems to have problems delivering the goods. We continue to think that the concept of the Optimus Maximus is innovative, but we just don’t see people lining up to spend US$1,564 for a keyboard -- no matter how specialized or function specific it is.

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