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More details on Starcraft II

by on22 May 2007
Same characters, no fourth race

Our colleagues at Gamespot managed to get hold of some more information on Starcraft II.

Starcraft II's single player campaign will feature new story that takes place four years after the events of the last Starcraft, the Brood War. In the old expansion pack each of the three factions were led by key characters, Jim Raynor of the Terrans, Kerrigan, a former Terran soldier who became Zerg's most powerful champion and Zeratul a Protoss dark templar. These characters will reappear in Starcraft II. The sequel is confirmed to feature only the original three playable races from the previous games: the Protoss, the Zerg, and the Terrans; there will be no fourth race.

More gameplay details about Starcraft II have been revealed, including the fact that the new game will use so called positional gameplay, which means that units on a high ground will gain attack bonuses.


The game will offer variable play speeds, same as the options in Warcraft III. As for the performance, Blizzard stated that the game's special effects will make the game look good, but are being designed to have minimal effect on games performance on your computer.

Unlike the Starcraft I with 2D sprites, Starcraft II will be a full 3D game. It will be based on DirectX 9.0 and will support Pixel Shader 2.0, and all the effects that can be used with DirectX 9. For now it doesn't support DirectX 10 graphics but Blizzard stated that this could change before the game ships. For those that like to create their own maps there is a good news, as did Warcraft III, Starcraft II will also include editing tools.


Even though the game has been developed right after Blizzard shipped Frozen Throne and that is already playable in multiplayer with all three factions, StarCraft II will be released :"When it's ready." We can only wait and see, and while we do that we can drool over new screenshots and videos that Blizzard will be feeding us until the game is ready to be shipped.



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