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Halo 2 "nudity" delay

by on28 May 2007
"Adult Content": Developers "assing" around


We've already written about it, but after the initial scheduled launch Microsoft pushed Halo 2 for Vista from May 8 to the 22 then again to the 24, then finally and without any explanation to May 31.

Between the last two dates, the game was actually sold in some stores, and the rumors started to show up. The noisiest one around was that  Halo 2 contained "partial nudity". Those rumors were then confirmed by none other then Microsoft itself.

"Partial nudity" apparently was an error message from a Halo 2 editor showing, as rumored, the developer "assing" around. According to the rumors around the net, that is the same editor that developers used to create the Halo 2 game.

Microsoft didn't confirm that it was that same picture, but it was a reason to send out "partial nudity" stickers for every box that has been, and should be shipped. Was the "partial nudity" sticker really necessary? The game is already rated Mature 17+, but it was up to the ESRB to decide. All in all, it gave Microsoft's Halo 2 for Vista a hell of a marketing time between the 24 and the 31 of May. You can take a look at the picture below and decide for yourself.

Developing games must be a very hard and sometimes stressful job, so why should they not be allowed to put some fun into it. 



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