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Rumored Second DICE Booster Pack for 2142

by on15 July 2007


In the works


Reliable industry sources are saying that DICE is hard at work on a second downloadable Booster Pack for 2142. Unlike Battlefield 2 which received a full expansion pack in the form of Special Forces, DICE is opting to change it up and deliver another Booster Pack for 2142 before considering the release of an expansion pack.

With the number of 2142 players hovering at only 1.3 million world wide, it has been said that DICE is not sure if the effort that is required to do a full expansion pack for 2142 would be worth it at this time. The delivery of another Booster Pack is a bit easier for DICE to get out the door quicklywhich makes Battlefield 2142 fans happy.

DICE is not giving any indication on how well the first Booster Pack for 2142 (Northern Strike) sold and it is difficult to know since it was only available for download direct via EA Link. One can assume however that with the low production cost of a Booster Pack (which contains only a couple of new maps and some weapons) and the increased profit of using a direct electronic distribution model that they must have made a few dollars to makethem consider delivering another one.

Look for the 1.40 Patch for 2142 with the Bonus Highway Tampa map to come out later this month or early next month, followed by an announcement of a new Booster Pack for 2142.

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