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Stalker team releases another patch

by on24 August 2007


Up to 15 percent Frame rate improvement

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
is a title that I followed the development of for a long time. When the game finally shipped I was a bit disappointed with the end product due the number of bugs and issues with the initial release. To THQ’s credit, however, the Stalker team continues to be hard at work releasing new patches and updates to address nagging issues that are starting to make the game much more stable, and at the same time much more enjoyable.

The latest patch that was released today fixes a number of multiplayer issues, but the biggest star of this patch has to be the performance boost of between 10% to 15% due to code and shader optimization. According to the information provided with the patch, you can expect to see a performance increase no matter which video card or driver you are using.

Coming in at just under 15MB, the update, which is numbered as version 1.0004, really does an excellent job at improving the game and the game play experience. We tested it this afternoon and found the improvements to be quite welcome.

This is a good thing as the Stalker team is already hard at work on a sequel, “Clear Skies,” and they really need to stamp the bugs out and get the game more stable before moving on. You can find the update/patch at all of the usual sources on the Web or from the Stalker Web site at the link below.

Click here.

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