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Wii still dominates Japan

by on02 October 2007


Wiizilla outsells PS3 by four to one


Wii is still going strong. Almost a year old and with no price cut in sight, Nintendo's tiny white knight is still outselling Sony's Playstation 3 by a ratio of more than four to one.

According to the latest figures, Nintendo sold around 1.6 million Wii consoles in Q2 and Q3, while Sony managed just 385,500 PS3 units in the same time frame. The Playstation 3 is slowly catching up and closing the gap, but the numbers are still far from impressive.

Playstation 3 has been suffering from lackluster sales since its introduction, due to high prices and relatively small number of available games. Analysts predict that Playstation 3 sales will jump significantly in Q4, as more and more PS3 games hit the market.

The XboX 360 is not to be underestimated, especially following the Halo 3 hype. Its sales in Japan are dwarfed by domestic consoles, but it's doing rather well in the US and European markets.

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