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Gears of War PC gets a release date

by on05 October 2007


November 6 for the US


According to the Microsoft release date list and various sources, the exclusive Xbox 360 title Gears of War will be available for PC on 6th of November.

It took them just under a year to get the PC version out, and Epic used that time to make five new singleplayer chapters, new multiplayer mode, new multiplayer maps, game editor, and the last battle with Brumak boss. If you followed the Xbox 360 version, the Brumak is the "big and ugly" rocket wielding dinosaur thing.

The PC version of the game got a graphics and resolution remake and it would be interesting to see the recommended specs for this one. It is left to be seen on how will this affect the UT 3 release.

The release date for US is November 6th and Europe will once again have to wait for it until November 9th.


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